Guitarist, Composer.

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Siebren (1997) started playing the guitar that was laying around at his parents house at the age of eight, learning songs by Pink Floyd, Yellow Jackets and Joe Satriani. One day his teacher showed him Pat Metheny, which made him decide to study jazz. He discovered that the music of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter or Dexter Gordon was perfect for him, the experimentation and improvisation were something that felt very close. He joined the Basement Big Band, with which Siebren would play concerts regularly.  At the age of seventeen after graduating high school, Siebren was accepted to the Conservatory of Amsterdam. There he saw the people around him, all with so much dedication to music, and he felt like he belonged there. That is what he wants his music to be about, the dedication, passion and love for music, and how it can positively affect people’s lives.

‘When I write my music, or when I think of a new idea that I want to perform, I have that initial idea as my main focus. I surround myself with people, music or anything else that excites and  inspires me, that makes me write the best music that I can. Then when the music is finished I ask musicians, who I truly believe in to help me make the music transcend further than just notes on paper. When we play music together during a concert it becomes something beautiful. The influence of the other musicians and audience change the music that I wrote down on paper into something that I could have never imagined. It becomes a profound experience that we all share right there.’

‘Siebren is not only a gifted improviser, but an accomplished and authentic composer to boot. A true original!’ -Reinier Baas

‘He’s ready to go! This music deserves to be heard.’ -Lage Lund

Contact +31 634025142

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