meander trio

Meander Trio is a new group made up of Siebren Smink on guitar, Ketija Ringa – Karahona on flute and Līva Dumpe on voice. Meander is the curling effect of a river, slowly changing its shape over time. A river has both a stationary quality and a moving quality. We see the water flow, but to us, just like the movement of mountains, the shape of the river changes so slow, that we don’t notice it at first glance. This dual quality can be found in this trio’s music. Certain elements change slowly and subconsciously, slowly guiding the listener into a meditative musical journey. Other elements bring slight surprise and keep the listener engaged.

During the summer of 2022 Siebren wrote new compositions for this formation, after being inspired by music he heard from Ketija and Līva. The focus of the compositions started to center on flow and form. How to create a world through which a listener can wander in a meditative and calm state. The compositions range from American folk inspired themes to polyphonic melodies that float in the air. Each instrument in this group brings their own pallet with which this musical world is painted. By carefully combining their hues, new sounds emerge. Improvisation can be found in all of the pieces, to find the now, and to enhance the music more with personal expression.

In 2023 meander trio will record their debut record with the help of Amarte Fonds and Sena Muziekproductiefonds. For now the trio is working on finalizing all the pieces for this special recording. Stay tuned!

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