Other Projects

pictures by Tienson Smeets

Äktaro is a tribute to traditional Swedish folk songs. Songs that the Swedish mother of trumpeter Bo Floor (known from Jungle By Night, among others) sang to him when he was little. At the Conservatory of Amsterdam he met Siebren Smink and together they discovered the Swedish folk sound that they immediately fell in love with. They pay homage to the roots of Scandinavian music with a twist of playful jazz improvisation, creating an atmosphere that reflects the tranquility and peace of Swedish nature. Lullabies, ballads and campfire songs to calm the listener.

Melqui was given birth by the Argentinian/Portuguese composer and multi-instrumentalist Lautaro Hochman. He is joined by Siebren Smink, Yoad Crotch, David Ko and Sara Frances Tompkins. Their stripped down songs create serene and intimate environments tinted by latin american folk, contemporary music and the poetry of Artaud and Lorca.

Hristo Goleminov Octet was started by Hristo Goleminov for his Nieuwe Makers residency at Bimhuis in 2021/2022, exploring improvisations and forms based on Baroque music.

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